Clayton Rhule

Designer | Sculptor | Maker

Clayton Rhule is a Jamaican Designer based in Trinidad & Tobago. He was educated at Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts, where he majored in Sculpture, and later went on to do his Post Grad in Graphic Design at the Florence Design Academy in Italy.

His furniture takes on a sculptural sensibility, which makes each piece stand out in any space.
“The objects that I make tells the story of its journey into being. There is beauty in the crafting, there is beauty in the imperfections, there is beauty in how it is used.”

“All around us are barriers.
We are told which direction to
go based on a path. A wall forces
us to stop, turn around. 
We all engage spaces everyday. If we close our eyes and step forward, we expect something to be in our way and so we reach for it, It’s instinctive.
The space that swims around an object is as important as the object itself.
If I considered the items that are usually found in a home
of the same importance as the individuals that reside there,
then wouldn’t it be interesting to see how they coexist if I changed the path?”

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