The Asterisk Lamp

Asterisk is a symbol that has been utilised for ages.
Derived from the Greek word Asteriskos it is defined as “little star.”

Over the centuries its usage has evolved.
– To indicate duplicated lines
– To point out date of birth on family trees
– Explaining omitted information
– Used as censorship for curse words
– Correct spelling via SMS
And the evolution in usage will continue.

For me, this symbol is very intuitive in its structure.
Imagine drawing three lines that intersect in the centre.
Thinking back to my childhood, before I could write,
I was able to draw a star.
In its symbolism, I drew a parallel… light.

Many stories can be told of dreamers staring into the stars
that illuminate the roof of our world.
We are obsessed with what is above us,
and to some extent, have captured allot of the mysteries.
With all the discoveries, the presence of light still epitomises magic to us.

The Asterisk lamp represents a pedestal that holds a light.
It shines down creating a sense of clarity.
It was difficult to define, but it wasn’t difficult to make.
It was like a child drawing three lines that intersect in the centre. *

Asterisk *