Dwelling… A place to call home,
a place where my thoughts are made tangible…
‘The dream space’.
We live firstly in our minds. We conjure up structures to comfort ourselves. Shields to block unwanted knowledge, bridges to extend to other places of consciousness.
We can rest easy there but the external space is the trigger, what we breathe in what we see, what we touch.
These things give a base for us to envision and create. The tangible firstly come alive in my mind. Sometimes there are blurred but one only need to think of function to bring it in focus.
That play of mind, in that internal space is my first home.
It is not like it’s shell but an infinite space that boundaries are only blocked by a lack of imagination and it is suitable to say, boundaries are not things I see.
They’re these common shapes that are consistently being reinterpreted in my drawings and these drawings are the first visual representation of what swims around in my mind.
Bumps, slit, curves.
The interesting thing about these shapes is that they sometimes take on a life of their own. I recall my last exhibition and how the things I was going through were blurred into the work.
So what inspired this body of work?
The journey started with a detour. I had just moved from St Lucia to Trinidad into a house that didn’t have certain amenities and so I decided to make them, a bookshelf and a table.
These items needed to be practical and functional. This went against my usual intuitive approach in creating objects. Now I had to plan, preconceive the outcome and create a blueprint to get there. In the act of being practical I started to think about spaces and how they are used, how we respond to interruptions.
The materials … wood and metal